2021 Residential Garbage Company Postcard

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Category: Bids & RFPs

Request for Proposal for Residential Solid Waste Services 2021

To the Citizens of Millington:

The village is putting out for bid to have one Garbage Company service all of Millington.  The benefits of this should be:

1. Lower rates

2. Or more services for the same rates

3. Less wear and tear on the roads.  (we have 4 or 5 different garbage companies)

4. Yard Waste Removal, optional

5. Large items like Refrigerators etc.

6. E waste removal.

7. Recycling, optional

8. And hopefully only one day of the week being woken up by the noise

9. The billing will still be through the Garbage Company

As we receive more information we will pass it along on the Village Website and Post Office.