Zoning / Building

(to be named)

Building Inspector:
Ron Rithaler
Phone:  630-553-3197


The Zoning Ordinance can be found on the Village Code page.

Zoning Maps

Village of Millington Corporate Zoning Map

Village of Millington 1 1.2 Mile Zoning Map

* Note:  Due to the large file size of the zoning maps, it may take longer than usual to open or download.

Call Before You Dig! Call 811

As part of its ongoing commitment to make safe digging as convenient as possible, JULIE, Inc. is announcing that it is now easier for homeowners and contractors to reach the one-call center simply by dialing 811.  The 811 number is another option to reaching JULIE, it does not replace the existing toll free number at 800-892-0123.

JULIE is a not-for -profit corporation that provides contractors/excavators, homeowners, and others who may be disturbing the earth, with a single toll-free number to call for the locating and marking of underground facilities.

JULIE is not a utility.  JULIE owns no facilities and does not locate underground facilities.  JULIE is a message handling service which receives location requests from persons excavating.  JULIE then sends these requests to JULIE member companies who have facilities in the area of excavation.  Each utility is responsible to mark its own facilities.  The service provided by the Illinois One-Call System to excavators is free of charge.  The cost of JULIE is paid in full by member companies.

Schedule of Fees

1. Single Family Residential Construction
2. Garage - Attached or Detached
1. Single Family Residential Construction
3. Chicken Coops
4. Shed and Accessory Building (not otherwise listed)
A. Protable Sheds under 200 square feet
B. Permanent Sheds

(No permit required) $.00
4. Sign
A. Non-illuminated
B. Illuminated

6. Deck
(No additional fee when deck is constructed concurrently with the house)
7. Fences
(No additional fee when fence is constructed concurrently with the house)
8. Swimming Pools over 2 feet in depth
9. Spas & Hot Tubs
10. Demolition
11. Engineered Structures (Communication Towers, Antennae, Bridges)
12. Moving a structure, etc.
13. Driveway
14. Re-inspection
A. Residential, Agricultural, etc.
B. Other - common

15. Other: Residential, Agricultural
(Includes Additions, Remodeling, Pluming, Electrical, Miscellaneous)
$50.00 per inspection +
$0.08/sq. ft. - review
16. Golf Cart
$50.00 initial registration +
$25.00 annual
17. Permits other than Residential/AGricultural
(Includes Additions, Remodeling, Pluming, Electrical, Miscellaneous)
$75.00 per inspection +
$0.08/sq. ft. - review
18. Change of Occupancy / B1 only - Change of Business
19. Certificate of Occupancy
(When requested separately from the building permit)
20. Zoning Certificate